Saturday, November 10, 2007

US Pot Pies Recalled in Barbados

It's not just imports into the US that are carrying hazards. Barbados challenges US:
Pot pies recalled
Published on: 11/10/07.

The Ministry of Health has issued a recall of food products imported from the United States. The following brands and all varieties of frozen pot pie products, including chicken, turkey and beef, are subject to this recall: Banquet, Albertson's, Food Lion, Great Value, Hill Country Fare, Kirkwood, Kroger, Meijer and Western Family.

The ministry advises those in possession of these products, with the above brand names, to refrain from using them and to return them to the point of sale.

These frozen pot pies may be linked to an outbreak of the food-borne life-threatening illness, salmonellosis, in several states in the United States and were also distributed to retail outlets in the Caribbean. (PR)

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