Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bag the Plastic

Now this is something I could get into. As long as everyone else does. :)

China wants to take on retailers' use of free plastic bags. Do you remember when Suffolk County or maybe New York State changed the law a few years ago, requiring retailers to offer you a choice of plastic or paper? And do recall the last time the clerk asked you which you wanted before reaching for the plastic? I don't. Time to change, seriously. I'm looking out my window at the moment and can see five plastic bags blowing around the neighborhood. Not good, not good at all.

Maybe at the same time, we could stop using so many plastic bags for the garbage or leaves. I've tried putting some of the leaves in an open recycling bin and the truck workers won't take them. They want everything in bags. Pretty silly.

Plastic carrier bags should be restricted for clean environment

BEIJING, Nov. 19 -- We find the trail of plastic "flags" lining our main railroads embarrassing. We hate to see plastic bags flying in our face on windy days, or those permanently stuck on tree branches.

Disposable plastic carrier bags we take home from shopping trips are a main source of such "white pollution". An obvious solution to it, therefore, is to reduce our use of such environmentally harmful packaging. This is both reasonable and simple.

The ongoing debate over the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's draft decree to prohibit retailers from offering free disposable plastic bags is a sad example of a prevailing ambivalence among us. We all want a clean and tidy environment free of plastic bags, but few of us want to sacrifice the convenience of free plastic bags.

Originally posted at Going Green on Long Island

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